Will topicals get me high?

In theory, no. Topically applied cannabis acts locally without entering the bloodstream, so while you may feel more relaxed after use, you should not feel any psychotropic effects.

Are your products organic?

Yes and no. Some ingredients within our products are certified organic, while others are not, though every single ingredient listed is pesticide-free. We only source flower that has been grown using organic farming practices, but there is currently no organic certification for cannabis in California. As part of our commitment to quality and sustainability, we would never use anything in our products that had been treated with synthetic pesticides. If you’re wondering about a specific ingredient, check the product label.

Which product should I use? How much?

Which product would suit you best, and how much product is required to achieve your desired effect, varies according to a few key factors:

1) Location: Localized pain, arising from the skin, muscles, and soft tissues responds well to topicals—the balm penetrates the skin, acting directly on the area to reduce pain and inflammation. Our tinctures are better suited to treat systemic pain conditions; the product works from the inside-out to relieve aches and inflammation on a systemic level.

2) Sensitivity: Your sensitivity to cannabinoids will vary according to how often you use cannabis, as well as your individual neurochemistry. For individuals that are less experienced with cannabis, we recommend that you start with the smallest dosage, wait 60-90 minutes, and work your way up from there. Cannabis connoisseurs should likewise start with the smallest dose, but may be able to more quickly evaluate how your pain responds to the product.

3) Interactions: The cannabinoids in our products may be rendered more or less effective depending on how they interact with any medications you may currently be taking. With that in mind, we DO NOT recommend that you discontinue the use of any prescribed medications without the advice of a physician. Similarly, if you use prescriptions to manage a chronic condition, please consult your doctor before using our products.

Can I order your products online?

Due to California state regulations, our products are only available for purchase through licensed dispensaries. That said, we are stocked throughout dispensaries all across California, some of which do offer delivery services. To find the closest retailer near you, check out our Store Locator.

What is the difference between your sublinguals?

Our 1:1 Sublingual has a 1:1 ratio of CBDa to THCa, and is particularly helpful in the systemic treatment of acute pain and inflammation.

Our 3:1 Sublingual has a 3:1 ratio of CBDa to THCa, and is suitable for chronic pain management, emotional well-being, and sleep.

Are your products safe to use on my pet(s)?

Absolutely! Our products are big with the critter crowd. Just remember that our products are formulated for humans, so you will need to adjust the dose accordingly to suit the size of your pet.