The Awakened Compassion Program

We have been in the business of compassion since our creation in 2014 to address the immediate needs of our community and to address the epidemic of opioids. It’s a tremendous honor to be able to give back to our community and we take great responsibility for our fellow citizens, which is why we are so proud to announce the creation of our AWAKENED COMPASSION PROGRAM. 

We understand that far too often financial hardship and chronic illness go hand and hand. With the soaring cost of health care (if you’re lucky enough to have any), prescription drugs and overall cost of living, we are setting a goal to give at least 1% of our products to economically distressed patients, free of charge.  

If you know of a patient at your dispensary that is suffering from chronic illness and could use our help, we would love to hear about it and enroll them into our program. 

How it works is that we rely on our accounts to inform us of a good candidate or if someone comes to our attention that is a customer of yours, say at a demo, we will inform you and go from there. All we need to know is which of our products they are currently using, or might benefit from using, and what a 1 month supply would be for them according to their doctor prescribed dosing. Once we have this information we will include the appropriate amount of product for a 1 month supply for them on your next reorder for you to give to the patient at your account.

Thank you for your commitment to community, and thank you for helping us direct our products to those that could benefit from our compassion program. Let’s bring compassion back into the industry together!


-Levi Strom, CEO/Founder Awakened Topicals