"Basically whatever is ailing me, I rub down with your salve.  How does it work so well?  When I get home from the gym I take a shower and then massage my achy parts (usually it's an ache from the day before, not the workout I just finished), and pretty much without fail I wake up feeling remarkably better.  Then if there's a day that I don't use it, I don't feel as good.  Customer testimonials heavy duty from this newly-active-gym-goer!"

                                                                                                              Keely Richter (Carmel Valley, CA)

"I want to thank you again for your 'Raw Body Balm' product.  As you know, I have a rare skin disease called 'Papular Dermatitis' and your 'RBB' is the only natural product that has been able to provide me with relief.  It is absolutely amazing!  I have suffered for years until this 'balm' of yours came along.  Please let your customers know that this salve can work miracles on any type of skin rash, scar or other skin defect.  Thanks for creating a remedy that is truly miraculous and life altering!"

Anthony, (Henderson, Nevada)


"I have consistent muscle and joint pain and have tried everything like tiger balm, icy hot, and aspercreme. I have bought cannabis topicals in the past and they just wind up being expensive lotions that don't help pain.  Awakened Topicals is the best topical that I have ever found!! It works for bone pain, joint pain, muscle pain, bruising, swelling and open wounds! It even works for insect bites and puffy eyes. I have even given it to the massage therapist to use on me and gotten the best massage results! Awaken Topicals is great for humans and animals. It doesn't stain your clothes and you don't smell like a medicine cabinet. 
If you are in any pain, or recovering from an injury or surgery, I highly recommend Awaken Topicals. Nothing is better than getting actual relief from a painful body!" 

 Sarah Dannelley (California Alternative Caregivers, Venice, CA)


"I've enjoyed and have seen the wonderful benefits of Awakened Topicals Balm. Over the summer, I spent a lot of time at the beach, which resulted in a lot of sunburns. Awakened Topicals Balm completely took the burning sensation away and by the next morning, my burn had turned into a light tan. I highly recommend Awakened Topicals Balm for burns, headaches, bug bites, and any skin irritation. When I visited Texas last spring, I used the balm to treat my mosquito bites. It helped tremendously with reducing the itch! Not only does it help with the aforementioned discomforts, but it actually smells nice. I really like how aloe is a big part of this product. Hope this helps anyone looking to purchase this product."

Mary Ann (The HIgher Path, Sherman Oaks, CA)


"My wife thinks you are an angel.  Topical worked well for her back and shoulder pain.  We will probably want to get another 5 bottles...a couple for gifts and a couple for us.  Thanks." 

Ted (Pasadena, CA)


"Miraculous!!! Your topical is like nothing I have ever used before. I had thrown out my low back for the first time in my life one week before meeting you, and all my other "biologique" products were just not working. Your product works almost instantly, lasts a long time, and it takes such a small amount to be effective. My boyfriend is equally amazed with your product, he is an ashtanga yoga man who blew out his shoulder and has been in constant pain for more than a year, so he thanks you!  Take care."  

Cindy Ellis (Sherman Oaks, CA)