Cannabis International Foundation

Dr. William Courtney and his wife Kristen Courtney are the worlds' leading experts on raw, non psychoactive dietary and medical cannabis.  This website is a treasure chest of scientific articles and research on the medical benefits of raw cannabis.


Cannabis Now Magazine

Bay Area based cannabis media outlet offering up some of the best product reviews and cannabis related topics in the industry.  Made by cannabis enthusiasts for cannabis enthusiasts.


Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Love this company.  A full line of whole plant organic skin care products for your health and beauty.  No cannabis in these products, but they feature many of the same ingredients we use at Awakened Topicals.



Since its founding in 1970, NORML has been the leading advocate against Cannabis prohibition in the U.S. They are a good first stop on the road to understanding current Cannabis laws across the the country.


Stillpoint Aromatics

The finest selection of Essential Oils, Absolutes & CO2 around.  A wealth of information on plant energetics and medicinal benefits.


Medical Jane

Great resource for patients and caregivers.  You can search by ailment and find related research articles on cannabinoid research for that specific condition.